Davis and Jones

Photo: Davis & Jones


Davis & Jones make artworks through occasions, dialogues and relationships; working with people and places to explore how we connect.

A collaboration between Deborah Aguirre Jones and Eleanor Wynne Davis, Davis & Jones are socially engaged artists interested in the everyday and extraordinary who interact with and gently interrupt the social and physical contexts they find themselves in.

They curate situations that are at the same time familiar and surprising.

Davis & Jones bring their distinct practices to this collaboration.

Eleanor Wynne Davis

Eleanor Wynne Davis is an artist and musician with a broad range of experience both nationally and internationally in community based projects. She has specialised in music, environmental projects and overseas development, working extensively with hard to reach communities.

Eleanor is interested in the power of actions. Her interest in how the hidden affects the seen makes her look for ways of bringing these connections into the open. She seeks to create situations in which people can engage with new or unfamiliar ideas.

Davis has played violin to gorillas, set up walk-in cages as gallery installation, made films of pipes, re-landscaped school play grounds, got people out walking, writing books, making speeches, worked with young kids, excluded from school kids, old folks, teenage mums and dads, the council, schools, the police, other artists and musicians.


Deborah Aguirre Jones

Deborah Aguirre Jones is interested in how we experience territory, home and un-belonging. She looks for new knowledge in the form of images, dialogues, relationships and understandings.

Her work happens extensively (though not exclusively) outdoors, through performative events, sculpture, photography and drawing. She works in a wide range of contexts including landscape management, health and mental health provision, the criminal justice system, urban and rural regeneration, community development, youth work, organisational development and training, early years pedagogy, building sites, leisure and tourism.